A Place, a Campus, an Institution of Excellence

12393678_586955481451733_1778645262_nWhy is it that you go to some places, and things seem right, and others seem wrong. You go into a restaurant, and look around, and things seem wrong. A smell, scary folk at bar, absent staff. And yet sometimes you go into an empty restaurant, and it appears welcoming and wholesome, and your perception is wow, they have many tables for me. And then you go into a busy restaurant, and the crowd is too wild or the place is empty, and you sense that no, its not a place to be, and  you scurry away.

That feeling is yes, about the architecture and the design at a point. But it is larger than that. It’s the people and the institution, and that goes for a church, hotel, restaurant, school campus, historic site or park. The people make the place.

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