Trump: Make Sunday Church Fashionable Again

BEDMINISTER, N.J. – Whatever your opinion of the recent election, let’s agree on one thing. Yesterday, Donald Trump went to church on Sunday, and that is a good thing. The church was The Lamington Presbyterian Church, a stunningly simple, beautiful neoclassical white church in New Jersey.

It is traditional for presidents to attend a public Sunday church service occasionally, and for Donald Trump, we are guessing that it is something Trump doesn’t do every Sunday. Often, presidents go to St. John’s, an Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C., which functions as a sort of unofficial chaplaincy to presidents. George W. Bush, however, attended church at Camp David, and the Clintons regularly attended Foundry Methodist Church, according to Time. The challenge is that regular attendance is difficult for church regulars, who must go through security each Sunday. Continue reading

Honeywell, Star Wars and the Future

The left image shows the New Horizons spacecraft during testing at Kennedy Space Center in fall 2005. At right, New Horizons lifts off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Jan. 19, 2006. Credit: NASA

ELLENTON -Heading into get coffee at Dunkin Donuts, I decided to go in, rather than drive through. In Florida, all morning fast food eateries are social institutions; the retired folk who inhabit these places each morning turn them into veritable salons of conversation. I had other plans, bringing in my laptop. But the sun was in the corner, and I sat in one of the comfy lounge chairs next to Steve, a retiree.

He had worked at Honeywell in Clearwater; his job was rocket and space guidance systems. We talked of the recent nine year trip of the New Horizons craft that took the first, in depth photos of Pluto, and is now heading to a distant object still. One of his main projects was a missile defense system. When it was proposed, it almost did not work. At Honeywell, dozens of engineers worked for years with the system, which was pejoratively nicknamed Star Wars and also became technology that is the Iron Dome that protects Israel. Continue reading